We fill your mind, body and spirit with all things health, and wellness so you can perform like the glitter bombs and superheroes (or glitterheroes and superbombs, your choice:) you really are! We hold your hand (figuratively speaking), as individuals or as groups to find that spring in your step, and dance moves to your own beat (meaning living your own FIT), all through our loved up glass overflowing approach. Basically you’re going to be that dinner guest invited for your food sensations (yep, our recipes are now yours), thats burning fat like a machine and sleeping like a baby, with the clarity of mind sci fi characters only dream of (say what!). Read more…

This 6 week action step program is loaded with everything you need to know to take your health, body and mind by the hand, waltz it in the direction you choose and make a solid lifelong commitment to say I DO. Aided by personal one on one support from Pete and Jaimielle (and the LYOF community), who give clear steps to see you soaring to your goals, gaining kickass confidence, and gold insight into why you do what you do when you know what you know (plus a whole heap more:)

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Pete and Jaimielle work with AMAZING companies, groups and high flying (and low flying – but they’ll get you high:) individuals, gifting their tailored performance programs specifically to scope given. They inspire continued incremental improvement that leads to peak performance – from tailored sessions, health, wellness & aerobic conditioning programs, to annual collaborations offsite.
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Pete & Jaimielle love nothing more than talking about their journeys, plus everything health & human performance related. In addition to VIP & sporting events, they work collaboratively with rockstar brands and companies to facilitate and deliver bespoke boardroom & LYOF workshops. Topics include health, fitness, mindset, wellness and in particular goal setting for achieving all round personal & business success.
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A few nice words from our clients

Jaimie has been a wonderful support and an inspiration in my journey towards better health. She is so understanding and has given suggestions that are appropriate to my situation and they work with my lifestyle. She has a real knack for offering advice in a way that is warm and encouraging. I have made some very positive tweaks to my everyday life that have made a big difference already. Thankyou Jaim.


I’ve been so well that you can’t imagine. I’ve lost some of the extra weight I was carrying, I’ve been going to the gym, studying, sleeping early, taking the vitamins…of course not perfectly every single day, but step by step I’m getting there. And you were definitely a key point to those life changes! Thankyou so much for that!

Pete Jacobs has been a professional triathlete for nearly 2 decades. He has completed 39 Ironman distance triathlons, holding the 4th fastest marathon record in World Championship history (yep you heard right). He is one of the all time endurance world greats AND he is your LYOF founder. He achieved legendary status, winning the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Championship 2012, runner up 2011. Jaimielle is Pete's biggest fan, Certified Health Coach, Recipe Powerhouse, Qualified Personal Trainer and Athlete
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