Uplevel Your Massage

What do you and elite athletes have in common?  You both need to build familiarity with being relaxed, and build awareness to be able to tap into the feeling of... read more →

Carbohydrate | Pros & Cons

The main point to remember throughout this podcast is that everyone has a different level of aerobic capacity, and everyday one individual can have a better/worse aerobic capacity  [tolerance to... read more →

How to Run Slow to Run Fast

Stop wasting your time running without knowing exactly how to improve. If your running still needs improvement after listening to this episode [and to my previous podcast on technique linked below],... read more →

Why Muscles Cramp

An original look at WHY MUSCLES CRAMP, by Ironman World Champion & Health/Performance Coach Pete Jacobs. Driven by passion to understand his fatigue and health issues he had encountered since... read more →

What Is The Keto Diet & Ketosis

Ketosis is natural for everyone. It is the adaptation to use ketones, not sugars, for energy, especially in the brain.  As you burn fat, fat [by-products] can be converted into ketones... read more →

How to Control Ego

This episode is with me, Pete Jacobs Ironman World Champion, and I am giving insight into my routine of mindset practice, and how to control ego, so you can achieve... read more →

Setting Goals

In this mini podcast episode, a follow up to 'How to Set Goals' Podcast from last week, Jaimielle talks you through how to set goals to get the best outcome,... read more →

How To Set Goals

Hi it’s Jaimielle here ??  Today I am going to share how we set goals here at Live Your Own Fit! I have people coming to me that are simply... read more →

The Power Of Sleep | Podcast

Jaimielle Jacobs is a certified Health Coach and Life Performance Expert.  Join Jaimielle to discover how hacking your sleep can be a game changer to your life performance;   WHAT... read more →

Metabolic Rate & Fasting.

In this podcast episode I (Pete) talk about different aspects of your metabolism, and how you can influence your hormones with lifestyle habits and routines, and nutritional intake. I talk... read more →

How To Improve Digestion.

The transitioning phase from a SAD (standard australian diet) to a whole food diet. During this episode Jaimielle and I dive into: ➡️ What you can expect during the transition... read more →

Listener Questions Part 2

Jaimie and Pete co host another great episode of listener questions on a wide variety of health and performance topics. Topics covered. Mental strategies when training with no race goal,... read more →

Listener Questions Part 1

We collaborated with MODEX to ask our followers on instagram what questions they had, in exchange for a free bottle of MODEX! We had a great response, and had to... read more →

Protein Podcast

Protein – Why is protein important? What does protein do? Why do we need to eat protein? (answer – protein synthesis) Just a few simple questions that Jaimielle and Pete... read more →

Mindset For Performance Podcast

Mindset tips and techniques to improve your performance, from a Hawaii Ironman World Champion (me, Pete Jacobs) In this Live Your Own Fit  Podcast episode Many tools, tips, and examples... read more →

Triathlon Tips Podcast

Triathlon Tips Podcast by Live Your Own Fit with Jaimielle & Pete Jacobs, Ironman World Champion. Something for all levels of triathlete, from beginner to elite you'll get some tips... read more →

LYOF Podcasts are Back!

After a fair time away from production we are back into podcasting and happy to ramp this up quickly with lots of info we have been learning over the past... read more →