The big picture: Everything is connected: To be able to achieve your best, in every area of life, you must understand these concepts. To understand how “health” works in an interconnected web of variables, our priority is teaching you to step back and see all the influences on your health so you can be in control and make stress free healthy choices and gauge your own level of health from day to day.


Identify your specific goals by working with us to identify your WHY’s and HOW’s. These are the reasons, and the answers, that will help you achieve your goals & be happier. Having the right mindset and ability to control your mind, while learning to value yourself & make you the priority, is key to everything. Everything is controlled from between your ears.



Food is Medicine. At LYOF we show you whole foods we believe to be the foundation to reaching our Health & Performance goals. We focus on low inflammation food choices that result in balanced blood sugar levels, sustainable energy, reduced cravings, and excellent cellular health (the basis of everything we experience in our lifetime).  Our recipes use real nutrient dense food that is simple, quick and tasty for everyone. Sometimes that’s not enough, and we advocate vitamin supplements where they can be of benefit.


Exercise and mobility at optimal healthy levels does not involve pain or ego. Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) is about building your endurance foundation by building aerobic muscle fibres that burn fat for energy, provides circulation efficiency and enables continued performance improvements well into older years. Aerobic conditioning is key to sustainable health and peak performance.



Every single day we subject ourselves to stress, physically, emotionally, chemically, nutritionally, and in many more ways our body reacts to involuntarily. Our busy modern lives create too much stimulation of our Sympathetic Nervous System & throws our body off balance in many ways. We need to restore the balance, this is key in preventing injuries, sustaining good moods, mental energy and all aspects of health.

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