“Live Your own Fit  has been a game changer. I found Pete & Jaim able to provide an excellent mix of knowledge, experience and perspective. Full of inspiration. Highly recommended” Istvan


“I’m taking this one chance at life and making the most of it. No more I cant’s or I shouldn’ts for me. With guidance from Jaimielle, I’m going to tackle my first 5k in May. Jaimielle has worked with me every step of the way by first helping me deafen the naysayer in my head. She works with what fits MY needs and has been instrumental in changing the way I eat and think. Sometimes she throws out something that sounds (and tastes) gross, but it always ends up benefiting me in the best possible ways. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in years and I know its because of Jaims guidance. Also a shoutout to my son Nick for gifting me a month [that turned into three] with Jaimielle; she has changed my life!” Nina



“Huge thanks to Pete & Jaimie. for their amazing LYOF Program. I’m an unfit, busy wife and mum who works full time, in summary there isn’t much tie for anything extra. They have helped me lose cm’s, find more energy and we are only 3 weeks in..  I highly highly recommend LYOF to everyone – including unfit busy mums who look at a bike in horror” Camilla


Live your own Fit with Jaimielle and Pete has permanently changed how I think and feel about food, exercise and life. Having been around sport and fitness as a participant since a child and in my early career as a Physical Education teacher, I thought I had a good grounding in nutrition and sports performance. I thought how I felt physically and emotionally was fine and though I regularly woke up at 2 or 3am and went in to work because I couldn’t get back to sleep I just thought it was a phase I was going through because work was intense. Live your own fit opened my eyes to a new world of vitality, positivity and sleep. What I thought to be true about fuelling my body for health and peak functioning was turned on its head through the research, coaching and encouragement of Jaimielle and Pete.The best part is that I love the food and fitness and it’s easy. I am a full time working mum of two and it has seamlessly worked in with our life, I feel physically and emotionally amazing and I now sleep through the night. Eating for peak functioning is not a fad diet or a temporary fix, rather a way of life and it is a pleasure to eat this way every day.  Live your own fit has changed how I look, how I feel and how I approach life. I love the outdoors but I am not an elite athlete, I train for fitness and health when I can around my work and parenting commitments. Jaimielle and Pete made me feel like I was the only client in the world and that my goals were as important as any World Champion. I can’t recommend Live Your Own Fit more highly. Belinda


“My whole life has changed. I am a beginner triathlete training for my first triathlon. I have lost weight, have more energy, gained confidence at work. My knees and hip no longer ache and I am no longer on my pain medication”. Shane


I’ve been so well that you can’t imagine……i’ve lost some of the extra weight that I got here, I’ve been going to the gym, studying, sleeping early, taking the vitamins..of course not perfectly done every single day, but step by step I’m getting there. And you both were definitely a key point to those life changes! Thankyou so much for that” Bruna


“I have been blown away with Pete and the time he has given me so far, I have worked with numerous coaches over the years but I seem to have clicked with Pete really quickly and feel that his passion and knowledge and his willingness to share this makes him unique as most coaches I have worked with are unwilling or don’t have the nutritional knowledge to work effectively with a low carb athlete.” Rich


“Jaim & Pete make switching to a healthier lifestyle easy. They are so supportve. Jaim makes a fitness plan for me that works within my shift work week, checking inall the time to make sure I’m getting the most out of my plan. Always a call away, I love my chats with Jaim, a warm, lovely, non judgemental cacoh who is also full of delicious recipes. LYOF have got me back on a path to a happier and healthier me, I couldn’t be more grateful and would recommend them to anyone that asks. Thankyou” Lucinda


Jaim & Pete have been a wonderful support and an inspiration in my journey towards better health. They have an understanding and have given suggestions that are appropriate to my situation and they work with my lifestyle. They have a real a real knack for offering advice in a way that is warm and encouraging. I have made some very positive tweaks to my everyday life that have made a big difference already.