Live Your Own Fit was founded by Pete & Jaimielle Jacobs.

Pete is a World Champion Ironman Triathlete, Mindset and Performance Consultant and Chronic Fatigue & Inflammation Fighter. Jaimielle Jacobs is a Certified Health Coach, Accredited Personal Trainer, Athlete and Recipe Powerhouse.

They created Live Your Own Fit after Pete’s health went down hill post winning the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Championship in 2012. Countless hours in doctors rooms, tests and thousands of dollars later still no closer to any tools for Pete’s crippling fatigue and ill health. Not one practitioner asked Pete holistic health questions, food consumed, sleep patterns, mindful relaxation being used, breathing techniques, mobility and so on…….Jaimielle got her kicks on and started studying like a fish in water. Then the godfather of optimal health and performance Dr Phil Maffetone stepped in with support, steering Pete and Jaimielle to permanent lifestyle changes.

After many hours, research and personal experiences Pete and Jaimielle thought, “how can we make all the knowledge and practical tools we have learnt about health, wellness, and  human performance accessible to everyone?”  Live Your Own Fit was born.

Getting healthier, taking a proactive approach against disease, and soaring into older years with personal bests (who are we kidding… AND younger skin!) can be simple, tasty (you gotta eat anyway) and fun.

Their aim is to give you a solid understanding of how you are biochemically wired, so they can support you in reaching your health and performance goals, whilst taking your mindset to a whole new level. 

This is not a fad diet approach where you find yourself knawing your arm off and being short tempered at your barista. It is a holistic whole life plan, marrying health, nutrition, intentions, exercise, recovery and self care together for a kickass stress free life (well if you don’t have kids), without the sugar cravings, belly fat and anxiety. Pete and Jaimielle are the real deal, living and breathing their passion to continue learning as new information comes to hand, and putting that knowledge into supporting you to make permanent life changes.

Why walk when you can soar? We can help you. we can answer all your questions and support you through the initial tough times of change. Don’t waste your time and money any longer. Learn how to make a change for yourself, with lifestyle and diet, that could never be achieved with prescriptions and probiotics.

Meet Pete and Jaimielle


Modern Health Expert, Certified Health Coach, Qualified Personal Trainer and Recipe Powerhouse

Jaimielle Jacobs is the co founder of Live Your Own Fit – Jaimielle loves working with couch sloths, to professional athletes and all wonders in between. She is super passionate about building belief, courage and self love into your daily health routine, for kickass results


Modern Health Expert, World Champion Triathlete and Mindset Performance Coach

World Champion Ironman Triathlete Pete Jacobs is the co founder of Live Your Own Fit. After battling debilitating fatigue from age of 16 Pete’s passionate to share his holistic health and mindset approach, for optimal kickass performance – for everyday life and training to world stage racing.

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