Hi, my name is Jaimielle Jacobs. I am a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, and Accreditated Fitness Expert.

I also am an athlete with 4 Ironman 70.3 (AG) Triathlon titles to my name. I am the cofounder of Live Your Own Fit, a head coach for Live Your Own Fit and the co creator of the 6 Week Life Change Program. I am the cohost of the LYOF Podcast, plus a proud ambassador for the inaugural Ironman India 70.3 event.

Having coached a broad range of people it astounds me how many are struggling with mediocre health, anxiety, extra weight, depression, and confusion around food and exercise. All these potential seeking beautiful people have one thing in common, they know that their health, mindset and fitness are gold to achieving their goals and living a fulfilling life yet they have three limiting beliefs constantly holding them back.
They think being healthy, happy and fit with a potential hitting mindset is 1. Too complicated 2. Too expensive AND 3. Too time consuming. I am here to say IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!
I want their health, fitness and everyday performance to be a priority that inevitably turns into a way of living that they LOVE!

Pete and I have created Live Your Own Fit – a health fitness and mindset coaching platform, along with the Live Your Own Fit 6 week Life Change Program to make living a healthy, fit, potential reaching life a reality, not just a possibility.

I have seen Pete become the Ironman Triathlon World Champion, only to fall into deep fatigue, depression, with chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome. He was the fittest man in the world but not the healthiest. For the past 5 years he and I researched the human body, mind and history associated. Pete is now back functioning with clarity, even back training for a comeback to the world stage and passionately driven to pass on his learnings to YOU – our LYOF Community. We are proud to share our proactive approach to combatting lethargy, burn out, and disease.
We can’t guarantee we can cure disease but we can guarantee we can inject increased energy levels, spirit, clarity of mind, deep sleep filled nights, self love and a strong healthy body into your life.
You can find all of the information here on the website and or send us an email or direct message over FB for coaching and or to sign up for the 6 Week Life Change Program.

You’ll be in control of your life again, the healthiest, happiest version of you, fulfilling your potential and you’ll be crushing your life/performance goals with us in no time;)

Contact Jaimielle

M: +61 402 647 646
E: jaimielle@liveyourownfit.com

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