May 24

What Is The Keto Diet & Ketosis

Ketosis is natural for everyone. It is the adaptation to use ketones, not sugars, for energy, especially in the brain.  As you burn fat, fat [by-products] can be converted into ketones (but does not happen for everyone all the time) A "KETO DIET" does not guarantee ketosis. Fat adaptation does not... read more →
May 20

How to Work Better | with Business Coach John Marsh

John's experience as an athlete, a business owner,  blogger, podcaster (Creator Club Podcast) and coach, has given him depth of understanding for how to make our brains and bodies work as optimally as possible. John Marsh is "a coach for people who want to start and grow a business they're... read more →
May 10

Make Better Decisions | Perform Under Stress

Do you know why we make poor decisions when we are stressed? Would you be able to think clearly in a stressful situation, such as when nervous at work situations? What about while racing for an Ironman World Championship in the heat go Hawaii? Have you made bad decisions, caused by... read more →
May 05

Aerobic Health & Performance | Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome.

Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome is common, and it effects your ability to be healthy, perform, recovery, be resilient, and feel energetic. Coined in the 80's by health and performance legend Dr Phil Maffetone Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome (ADS) occurs when a person has lots the ability for their cells to efficiently transfer... read more →
Apr 26

How Does Stress Affect Health & Performance ?

How does stress create fatigue, and illness, low energy, chronic disease, depression, poor performance, bad skin, IBS and many more symptoms? Pete explains there are many different types of stress, but they all have a similar effect, albeit in a couple of different ways, which results in the same problem... read more →
Apr 21

How to Control Ego

This episode is with me, Pete Jacobs Ironman World Champion, and I am giving insight into my routine of mindset practice, and how to control ego, so you can achieve your best, just like it worked for me. Hawaii Ironman Triathlon is a tough race for anyone, but training for... read more →
Apr 13

Understanding Chronic Fatigue

Hi Pete here, since I was a teenager I’ve dealt with several symptoms of poor health, including chronic fatigue, and want to say to you - 'I understand how you feel'. If you have experienced even one day of fatigue, this podcast will help you.  If you have experienced chronic... read more →
Apr 09

Setting Goals

In this mini podcast episode, a follow up to 'How to Set Goals' Podcast from last week, Jaimielle talks you through how to set goals to get the best outcome, and talks about a small case study of a client and this process. Learning how to set goals and keep... read more →
Apr 01
Mar 26

How To Set Goals

Hi it’s Jaimielle here ??  Today I am going to share how we set goals here at Live Your Own Fit! I have people coming to me that are simply put - feeling like crap. They’re not performing in life like they want to. They have low  energy levels,  trouble... read more →
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