Apr 09

Setting Goals

In this mini podcast episode, a follow up to 'How to Set Goals' Podcast from last week, Jaimielle talks you through how to set goals to get the best outcome, and talks about a small case study of a client and this process. Learning how to set goals and keep... read more →
Apr 01
Mar 26

How To Set Goals

Hi it’s Jaimielle here 👋🏽  Today I am going to share how we set goals here at Live Your Own Fit! I have people coming to me that are simply put - feeling like crap. They’re not performing in life like they want to. They have low  energy levels,  trouble... read more →
Mar 23

 Exercise Effects On Metabolism | Podcast #37

 Hi it's Pete here 👋🏽 Many people come to me struggling with weightless. The majority have full on jobs with a high responsibilities, they are high functioning personalities and care deeply about their training and racing. Their chosen sport is predominantly triathlon.  I wanted to share with you the myth... read more →
Mar 19

Evolution of Nutrients | Why We Need Micronutrients

A mass of stardust came together in a ball, that we call earth, and then it began reacting with itself and the universe around it, over billions of years, and then life began, and life evolved. If we trace our beginnings as a planet, and as a life form, and... read more →
Mar 17

Stop Self Criticism | Podcast #35

Today I want to share with you what I see working everyday for my LYF Stars. This is the biggest self coaching tool to getting the weight loss, energy levels, a controlled mind, and the health of your dreams. This self coaching tool has also worked for me and continues... read more →
Mar 11

Optimise Your Exercise | Podcast #34

Hi, Pete here. If you are familiar with Live Your Own Fit Coaching or myself you will know that I have spent over 2 decades as a professional endurance athlete. In this episode you will learn how to optimise your training and exercise for the end goal you desire. I... read more →
Mar 09

The Power Of Sleep | Podcast

Jaimielle Jacobs is a certified Health Coach and Life Performance Expert.  Join Jaimielle to discover how hacking your sleep can be a game changer to your life performance;   WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER How many hours of sleep is optimal What you can do to optimise your quality and quantity... read more →
Mar 04

Metabolic Rate & Fasting.

In this podcast episode I (Pete) talk about different aspects of your metabolism, and how you can influence your hormones with lifestyle habits and routines, and nutritional intake. I talk a little about Fasting, and why it's important for your body to know if it is in a 'fed' state... read more →
Feb 26

Why Can’t I Lose Weight & Gain Energy?

Today is about the many mechanisms that may be contributing to problems for those trying to lose weight, or gain energy. There are many different layers, and levers, that I mention, and most of them interact with one another. Try to listen out for what may be the best cause... read more →
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