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Jul 20

What is happiness? 

Have you been chasing health or body image improvements with the motivation of it creating happiness for you? That begs the question, what is happiness?  Happiness is a feeling you only get when you are in the moment. Whether it’s when you have achieved your goal, or simply let that... read more →
Jul 12

The Nervous System

The nervous system, the information highway of the body, is made up of nerves—bundles of interconnected neurons which carry messages (hormone signals) that create responses from their targets. The central nervous system (CNS), made up of the brain and spinal cord, is the major controller of the body’s functions, charged with interpreting... read more →
Jun 27

Homemade Crunchy Granola | Paleo Cereal

Cereal for some of us is a habitual morning routine. Our crunchy granola is a tasty nourishing alternative to the supermarkets sugar packed options. Full of anti inflammatory goodness. We love to add yoghurt and berries to it. For a winter warmer pour a hot cacao into the mix.....cocoa pops... read more →
Jun 24

Dr Phil Maffetone interviewed by Pete Jacobs | LIVE YOUR OWN FIT PODCAST

An Ironman triathlon World Champion asks a World Champions coach/clinician/pioneer about: The MAF Method, Aerobic Base Building, Adaptation and Capacity, How to Run Faster at Your Aerobic Heart Rate, How To Get healthy With Exercise and Diet, Fat Burning, Metabolism, Aerobic Endurance, Lifestyle, Holistic Health, Intuition, The Nervous System, How to be Competitive at any Age and So Much More!   Phil... read more →
Jun 23

Cooking At Home | Pete Shares His Paleo Sausage Rolls Recipe!

Gourmet Sausage Rolls | Easy Paleo Recipe   Pete's Gourmet Sausage rolls are gluten-free, wheat free made from a blend of herbs and spices, meat mince (chicken, pork, turkey), nuts, and dried fruit.  It's a unique take on traditional sausage roll recipe, it is gluten free, full of flavour and... read more →
Jun 19

Easy Low Carb Chocolate Cake | Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

This easy low carb chocolate cake recipe is rich, dense and moist. You would never know it is low carb, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free and grain-free……the sweetener being 1tbs of honey🍯 This is pretty amazing!    It’s the perfect dessert, birthday cake, or afternoon tea indulgence, ticking that dark chocolate... read more →
Jun 17
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