Jan 13

Setting Goals and Changing Habits.

As I have learned more about my health, and about how big the picture of “health” in the human body is, I have realised there are many influencing factors to every problem in the body, and all of them must be addressed at some point if truly good health... read more →
Jan 04

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Here's to a fabulous 2019! How about a New Year’s resolution? Please join us online for a live chat to answer some questions about health and performance on the Live Your Own Fit Facebook page. On Tuesday January 8 at 7pm AEST (GMT + 10) (Brisbane time) we’ll answer... read more →
Nov 06
Nov 02

First timer? Tips for the newbie Triathlete

You’ve signed up to for the Noosa Triathlon for the first time as an Individual or with your friends to race in the relay team this November. Congratulations on making the start line! If the now much wiser triathlete in me could go back and give Jaimielle the newbie triathlete... read more →
Oct 16
Oct 08
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