May 29
May 25


IS COFFEE OUR FRIEND OR OUR FOE? How much Coffee is too much? This question consistently raises its head, recently being asked by our time starved superstar and Live Your Own Fit member, Belinda. In order for Belinda to moderate her current 6 cups, she needed to know the WHY.... read more →
May 25

LYOF PODCAST – Aerobic Adaptation & Facebook Live

Lots of information about MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function), Aerobic adaptation, the base phase of a training plan, goals for sessions, improving fat burning and oxygen use for energy production. Recorded on facebook live on 22 MAY 2020. Video available on Facebook and LIVE YOUR OWN FIT Youtube.
May 21
May 04

Why Nutrition Matters

1. Why Does Nutrition Matter? Why does it matter if my cells are affected by what I eat? What happens when I eat sugar? Your cells are controlled by your genes, and your genes are passed down from your parents, but they also respond to your environment. Cells are constantly... read more →
Apr 30


Banana Bread is an all time favourite. Oozing sweet banana flavour with a moist texture, honey scents, and simple to make, this will surely be a regular on your baking list! Cooked to a golden brown texture with your choice of additions such as raspberries, blueberries, cinnamon, dark chocolate chips,... read more →
Apr 21

Listener Questions Part 2

Jaimie and Pete co host another great episode of listener questions on a wide variety of health and performance topics. Topics covered. Mental strategies when training with no race goal, how to aid immune system, how to quench cravings, approaches to get through the session when motivation and energy is... read more →
Apr 19
Apr 13

Listener Questions Part 1

We collaborated with MODEX to ask our followers on instagram what questions they had, in exchange for a free bottle of MODEX! We had a great response, and had to answer the questions over two podcast episodes. Topics we covered. Visualisation, cooking meat tender, cardio/exercise at home, healthy snacks at... read more →
Apr 10

Cooking Tutorial: Choc Mud Star Cake

  View this post on Instagram   This Cooking Tutorial guides shows you how to make a moist chocolate cake in under 10minutes (without baking time). Jaimielle shares her go favourite go to recipe that tastes AMAZING.....even without the refined sugar, flour or traditional icing. We promise this is going... read more →
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