Apr 13

Listener Questions Part 1

We collaborated with MODEX to ask our followers on instagram what questions they had, in exchange for a free bottle of MODEX! We had a great response, and had to answer the questions over two podcast episodes. Topics we covered. Visualisation, cooking meat tender, cardio/exercise at home, healthy snacks at... read more →
Apr 10

Cooking Tutorial: Choc Mud Star Cake

  View this post on Instagram   This Cooking Tutorial guides shows you how to make a moist chocolate cake in under 10minutes (without baking time). Jaimielle shares her go favourite go to recipe that tastes AMAZING.....even without the refined sugar, flour or traditional icing. We promise this is going... read more →
Mar 23

Cooking Tutorial: Sweet Potato Fritters

  View this post on Instagram   Cook along with Jaimielle at home as she teaches you how make nourishing simple food in minutes for your loved ones A post shared by Jaimielle & Pete Jacobs (@liveyourownfit) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:58am PDT These Fritters take 5minutes to prepare... read more →
Mar 23

Cooking Tutorial: Frittata Fun

  View this post on Instagram   Make a nutritious 7minute Frittata for the whole family! A post shared by Jaimielle & Pete Jacobs (@liveyourownfit) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:11am PDT We are experiencing a monumental stressful period of our lives at present. Pete and I are working hard to... read more →
Mar 20

What to do when there is nothing to do…for a while.

With races cancelled or postponed through June, or potentially longer, it is time to revisit our goals and the inspiration we get our motivation from. As we often solely focus on our one goal of a race, physical achievement, or set time frame of commitment, we can lose sight of... read more →
Mar 19

We Are Supporting You With Love

These past weeks have been testing. More so now than ever, our health and wellbeing is a priority. With this in mind over the coming weeks we are going to share health and wellbeing wisdom, stories, recipes, and tutorials. Through sharing our heart warming inspiration, we can stay motivated, connected... read more →
Dec 09

Running PODCAST – Technique & Shoes

Pete gives his top 3 technique tips to get you running more efficiently. Posture, cadence(arm carry/swing), and foot fall. But really there is a hundred tips in this podcast as each topic is explained in detail with many examples of drills, technique, cues, and much more to focus on. Including... read more →
Oct 26

Protein Podcast

Protein – Why is protein important? What does protein do? Why do we need to eat protein? (answer – protein synthesis) Just a few simple questions that Jaimielle and Pete Jacobs answer in this Protein Podcast. We also cover How we build new cells using protein. What other vitamins are... read more →
Oct 09

Mindset For Performance Podcast

Mindset tips and techniques to improve your performance, from a Hawaii Ironman World Champion (me, Pete Jacobs) In this Live Your Own Fit  Podcast episode Many tools, tips, and examples are given for staying mentally strong, to get more from your physical ability, to push your limits, and find out... read more →
Sep 27

Zero Carb Ironman 70.3 Race Report Podcast

Have you ever wondered how far you could go on zero carbohydrates? Can the body perform at a high level of intense exercise for more than 2 hrs without depleting glycogen stores? How far can we go using just the energy stores in our own body?  Do we need to... read more →
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